Thursday, February 3, 2011

Who Needs a Diet? Just Eat Clean!

We all want to “fit” better into our clothes. We make a goal to lose weight or tone up and the only thought in your mind is “I have to go on a diet.” The answer? FALSE! You just need to eat clean.

What is eating clean? Cutting out starches and sugar. Replacing that burger with fresh veggies, fruit and lean protein such as chicken and fish. Replacing that much needed energy drink for water or a healthy substitute like Vitamin Water Zero (this is one of my all time favorite products).

Your next thought, “I don’t have time.” Sure you do! Like everyone, I’m always on the go. Trying to get to work before rush hour traffic and too tired to try to create a big dinner when I get home from work. Here’s my personal solution that has served me well.

If you’re in a pinch and you don’t have a ton of time throughout the week head to the deli at your local grocery store. I pick up a fresh roasted chicken and when I get home I take all of the skin off and just put the meat in a container. It’s already to go and I can use it multiple times throughout the week for a quick chicken salad or use it as a main dish with some fresh veggies. This cuts a lot of my meal prep in half.

You can still have your must needed sweet tooth fix, but just make it a one day a week habit and remember as I’ve said before, everything in moderation. If you stick to eating clean you will definitely notice a change in how you look and feel in a few short weeks. Happy eating :)

Sarah Laursen