Monday, February 15, 2016

Remember your Passions

Photo is my electronic drum set, the stool was handmade by my grandfather and it's over 100 years old!

I know I'm behind for talking about New Years Resolutions, but I'm not a fan of making them, therefore I don't.  I prefer to make goals, so I create a list every year for myself.  Some goals are bigger than others.  I try and stay away from material goals and focus more on things that I know will make life throughout this year more enjoyable for myself.

One of my goals this year is to get back to being creative and to not forget all of the things I loved to do growing up.  As a kid I LOVED the outdoors and still do.  I loved having that sense of adventure and freedom to try anything and everything.  As an adult, I've started to forget about that tomboy in me because I get so caught up in every day life and work.

This last week I started to reflect back on the things I loved doing and wanted to make more time for again.  Anything that allows me to be creative and open minded gives me a chance to refocus.  I enjoy music and listening to various instruments and beats and I began to realize how much I miss playing percussion.  (Although I'm sure my family doesn't miss all of the chaos and noise I provided throughout the house growing up).  So I decided that one of the many things I have planned for this year is to pick up those drumsticks and let myself get back into the creative mindset.

It's so easy to forget about that little kid and the spontaneity we all had growing up.  I want to get back to enjoying some of the simple things.  What are some of your passions?

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