Saturday, August 13, 2011

Athlete First Model Second

When you think of an athlete you think of someone who is strong and committed to a passion. They are driven to succeed to become the best in their performance. Whether they're a dancer, soccer player, football player etc. They strive to be the strongest, fastest or most coordinated person in their profession.

When you think of a model, you think of the glitz and glamour. You think, hair, makeup, gorgeous photos, beautiful clothes and runways.

When I first got into modeling, I felt as though I was in the second category; a model. I had photographers that wanted that "sexy" image. Pulling on my bikini in photos, trying to give that look that the photographer wanted. I realized after two years of working with photographers and getting emails about doing shots like Maxim Magazine and various other types of risque work, that I wasn't in my element. I felt out of place and that I was trying to portray someone I just wasn't. So I walked away and let my dream fade.

Two years later I was inspired by someone who was doing fitness modeling. She said sexy is a state of mind. She was athletic and had morals and standards I could relate to. I realized I was just as capable of doing fitness as she was. After all, I was a Montana girl. Being outdoors and sports oriented was second nature to me.

I took the first step I needed to find the right people to work with and attended FMI "Fitness Model International." For the first time in my life I felt like I was in the right place and the right time and I had surrounded myself with the right people. I was at a workshop and business event made for athletes. People who had worked hard for their physiques and were as ambitious as what I was, trying to turn their passion and love of fitness into a business opportunity.

Fitness has given me strength and has allowed me to grow as a person. Modeling gave me the opportunity to be comfortable in my skin, but fitness has given me an identity I didn't know I had or was capable of having.

No matter where this life is about to lead me, I know that I am an athlete first and will continue to stick to my Montana roots.

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  1. Good for you Sarah! I wonder if working or volunteering as a coach for a women's fitness program would give you a way to connect with others in the fitness industry. Olivia Wilde worked as a casting assistant to get the exposure and contacts she needed to get into acting.